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Common Questions

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How do I register for the training course?

You can register for any training course by entering the course link and filling out your information, or by writing to us on our Facebook page and sending your information, mentioning the name of the desired course.

What should I do after the registration process?

When you register, the course supervisors will review the requests. We will contact you through your phone number, 24 hours before the start of the course to confirm your reservation. If you do not receive a phone call, this means that the course has been postponed or that we were not able to reach you through your phone number.

Do I get a certificate after passing the course?

Yes, in all our courses we provide a certificate accredited by Lamah Consulting and Training Company. Some courses are accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation and some are internationally accredited by partnering companies.

If I do not find the training course on the site, what should I do?

You can write to us and suggest the course you want. We try as much as possible to provide all the desired courses with all the necessary equipment for implementation.

Can I submit a proposal for a course?

Of course, you can submit a proposal for any training course by filling out the form at, along with sending the trainer’s CV via

What are the ways to communicate with supervisors?

You can contact us via email: [email protected]

or by phone at: 091570030 or WhatsApp on the same number, or by messaging us on our Facebook page.

Does the information provided in the course match the information provided in reality?

In each course, we try to clarify the topics and all the information related to the course so that the trainee can know all the details. If some information does not match, you can write to us on one of our contacts.

Are there distance (online) courses available?

Until this moment, we have not announced any distance learning courses, but soon, a group of online courses will be coordinated and they will be announced on the website and on our Facebook page.