Lamah includes a specialized elite of innovators and thinkers who have the experience, ambition, determination, and qualifications to transform complex issues into practical, applicable solutions. We work closely with our partners and clients in many sectors and specializations, to provide the most appropriate solutions with unique competitive advantages that guarantee them success, reaching their goals, and achieving leadership in various areas of their business.


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Who Are We?

Lamah Company for Consulting and Training was established in 2021 by the minds and diligence of cadres of various specialties, including in its team a diverse network of experts and specialists with high competence and experience in various fields of training and consulting.

The company has developed its practical map according to a study of the training status and needs; taking upon itself the implementation of the best programs and providing consulting services at the highest professional levels. All this to ensure, with Allah’s grace and help, the success and leadership of its partners in their various specializations and fields.

The company’s headquarters is located in the city of Misrata, Gassr Ahmed Road, in the Raidat area, which has been designed in a modern way with training halls equipped with all the facilities and means that ensure implementing training programs with high professionalism at a level that ensures comfort of the trainees and the optimal delivery of information.

Why Lamah?

At Lamah Consulting and Training, we are based on three basic principles:


We are keen on developing strong relationships with our partners during and after the implementation of projects to achieve a level of communication that leads to a better understanding of their needs and a close follow-up to ensure the success of the training program outcomes.


We are also keen on providing our services with distinctive quality and high standards, especially in terms of the design and content of training packages and selecting qualified trainers.


We are keen on building trust to ensure the sustainability of the partnership.

Through our commitment to these three principles, we achieve a business strategy that ensures you choose Lama as a permanent partner in finding technical solutions, providing consulting services, and implementing training programs.

Our Vision

Distinction in providing training and consulting services along with specialized studies for various individuals and institutions, to achieve the best types of training and education, by investing in human resources and enhancing their efficiency through the assorted programs we offer.

Our Message

Providing the best training and consulting services that keep pace with local and global development requirements and plans, and meets the labour market needs.

Our Goals

• Contributing to achieve the goals of sustainable development by providing various training programs to all segments of society.
• Implementing training programs in accordance with the best international quality standards with outcomes that can be measured and monitored.
• Building local and international partnerships with various entities, organizations, and institutions in the fields of training and quality
• Focusing on training programs and studies that are consistent with the strategies and plans of the state and its institutions.
• Qualifying and training according to the requirements of local and foreign labour markets
• Raising awareness of the importance of vocational training and developing competencies and capacities

Consulting Services

The company provides training consultations to find solutions that are compatible with the distinctive nature of each client by collecting and analysing information and designing outputs that provide the best solutions that enable the client to apply them effectively to help them achieve their goals.

Training Services

We use training as the basic factor for conveying information and converting it into skills, with the aim of creating employees capable of responding quickly to consecutive changes in the work environment, keeping pace with developments, and solving problems that they may encounter.