Compliance And Governance

  • Fundamentals of compliance and governance management.
  • Principles of good governance in banks.
  • GRC (governance, risk management and compliance).
  • Information Technology Governance (Foundations – Policies).
  • Board governance.
  • Effective leader in the board of directors.
  • Developing the skills of the Board Secretary.
  • Principles of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • International standards for combating money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • KYC principles and rules.
  • International standards in combating corruption and procedures for maintaining work ethics.


  • Basics of risk management.
  • Risk management and evaluation in Islamic banks.Managing and evaluating credit and financing risks.
  • Risk-based internal audit.
  • IT risk management.
  • Management of crisis and business continuity.


 Banking accounting and auditing (SWIFT system):

  • Swift General/Operation/Customer Applications.
  • SWIFT messages payments and cash management CAT2, CAT1.
  • SWIFT messages for CAT4 documentary collections.
  • SWIFT messages for documentary credits CAT7.
  • International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS/IAS).
  • Internal auditing standards according to the American Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)..
  • Disclosure requirements in financial statements in accordance with international standards IFRS.
  • Preparing the internal auditor’s report and working papers in accordance with the standards of the IIA (Institute of Auditors or Internal Auditors).
  • Preparing estimated budgets in banks.
  • Preparing and analyzing financial statements.
  • Financial analysis of financial statements in Islamic banks.
  • Accounting standards issued by the Islamic Accounting Organization (AAOIFI).
  • Financial analysis for small and medium enterprises.
  • Accounting applications for local banking operations and electronic services.
  • Accounting applications for international banking operations.



  • Fundamentals of financing and investment in banks.
  • Fundamentals of granting and monitoring credit in banks.
  • Management and collection of bad debts.

International banking and trade finance operations:

  • Managing treasury and currency trading operations.
  • Introduction to international trade.
  • Payment methods in international trade and delivery conditions in international trade.
  • Bank transfers and foreign exchange operations.
  • Local and foreign letters of guarantee.
  • Documentary Credit Basics (Basic).
  • Documentary credits according to international norms issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (Advanced).
  • Documentary credits and delivery terms in international trade INCOTERMS 2020.
  • Standards for examining shipping documents for documentary credit in accordance with the latest publications of the International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • Documentary Collections The unified rules for documentary collections in accordance with the latest publications of the International Chamber of Commerce (URC).


  • Managing bank cards and how to prevent fraudulent transactions.
  • Legal aspects of commercial papers and bank checks – promissory notes.
  • Developing the skills of bank tellers and vault officials.
  • Detecting forgery and counterfeiting in currencies and documents.
  • Electronic banking services.

Islamic banking:

  • Basics of Islamic banking.
  • Funding and investment formulas in Islamic banks.
  • Sharia standards issued by the AAOIFI Islamic Accounting Organization.
  • Applications of Islamic financing formulas (shares).
  • Applications of Islamic financing formulas (sales).
  • Accounting applications of Islamic finance formulas.
  • Supervision and Sharia auditing in Islamic banks.
  • Islamic banking operations.
  • Financing and investment contracts in Islamic banks.

Investment portfolios and financial markets:

  • Investment portfolio management.
  • Fundamentals of securities trading.
  • Financial analysis for stock investment purposes.

Local banking :

  • Bank branch management.
  • Qualifying bank employees.

Other :

  • Economic feasibility study for small and medium enterprises.
  • Management of small and medium enterprises.
  • Fundamentals of bank marketing.
  • Bank Marketing – Advanced Level.